with big shifts comes big doubt —

November 14th 2018

Making big shifts in life to align with your soul’s purpose is one of the most liberating feelings I have ever experienced, AND it’s also one of the most challenging experiences.

No matter how deeply you know you are on the right path and trusting of your intuition — fear and ego will still try to prevent you from stepping into that next level version of you and reaching your highest alignment.

Your high-self will be screaming to break-free, and your old, small self will be pulling you back, begging to stay where you are -- where you are comfortable and safe. The internal struggle is REAL.

Change is uncomfortable AF — not gonna lie — we are, after all, beings of habit and routine. Anything uncomfortable is seen as a threat to our safety which leads us to this state of self-doubt and uncertainty.

And then the negative self-talk comes in. Berating you for not doing more, for being weak, for not following through, for being overwhelmed, etc etc. ‘Get it together you sissy — you’re better than this!’

Ouch. That shit is HEAVY.

You’d never say those words to a friend or loved one, yet you have no problem telling yourself you’re a failure, or not doing enough, or that you’re weak. In those moments, it’s important to recognize that it’s your ego not your truth -- and to tell it to shut the FUCK UP!

And reconnect to YOU. To embrace yourself and to return to love.

This past year has been one big shift and uncomfortable moment after another. I dropped out of college, I started a business, I packed up my life into 5 boxes and a couple of suitcases, I travelled South America for 3.5 months, I moved to the UK, and now I’m starting a whole new business...not to mention all while dealing with tonne of other personal stuff and internal struggles dealing with many firsts since my dad’s passing.

It’s been one helluva rollercoaster, with many highs and lows.

With each shift my fears and doubts have resurfaced -- but never so often or so loud as with this most recent shift of starting this soul-based coaching business. This next level version of me, and my business has required me to shed so many layers of myself, and to be real, raw and vulnerable for all to see — it has been fucking uncomfortable, but it has also been fucking liberating.

Liberating because this is where my soul has led me. Because despite the fears and uncertainty, I know this is where I am meant to be.

I am home in BEING ME.

Where are you meant to be? Do you know? It’s ok if you don’t — for years I didn't know where or who I was meant to be.

Tap into your soul and ask her to guide you. She will never lead you astray.

If you are looking for guidance on how to tap into your soul, to align with your purpose, and to truly come home to yourself — drop the word SOUL in my DMs.



Natures beautiful reminder —

November 6th 2018

As autumn embraces us and encourages the trees to loosen their grip, to let their leaves that were once so full of life fall away, we are reminded too that it is time.

Time to live with courage, to let our defenses fall away, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and to bare our soul.

Time to trust that letting the old fall away will give way for new life and beauty to be born in its place that is even more glorious than before.

It’s time to shed your old identity, the one that no longer serves you. The one that is keeping you ‘safe’ and keeping you playing small.

It’s time to let go of the stories you’ve been telling yourself about not being ready, or not being good enough, or being too much.

It’s time to release your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living out your truth and your purpose. No more self-sabotage — it serves no purpose here.

It’s time to let your fears fall away, to thank them for trying to protect you but to let them know they are no longer needed. To allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to new possibilities.

It’s time to heal your wounds, to stop letting them define you. To rewrite your story, one of power, strength, and truth — rather than one of weakness, and victimhood.

You are the conscious creator of your life. You always have a choice. You can change the lens with which you view your life to one of love, acceptance, awareness, and power.

What can you do today to shift your beliefs? To take back control from your ego, and to live in flow with the universe, and your highest self.

Much love,


recognize how far you’ve come —

October 31st 2018

Last night while my boyfriend was packing to head back to Australia for the next 4-weeks, I was overcome with joy and appreciation for the life we have built together here in London. I was watching him while he packed and I couldn’t help but smile and think, for the first time ever in my life, I can say with confidence I LOVE my life.

It’s not that I’ve had a bad life up until now, or that I haven’t enjoyed my life, because I have. I have always had a good life, but I have had a lot of struggles too. My parents' divorce was really rough on me, the loss of my dad last year changed my life forever, and I’ve had a fair few unhealthy relationships that have left me damaged and defeated as well.

And on top of all that — I’ve struggled for years to really identify with who I really am. I was constantly seeking external validation from my family, school results, in my career path, and in my relationships.

In the last year, I gave myself permission to just BE ME — which has led me to rediscover who I am and truly come home to myself. 

This doesn’t mean that my life is perfect. But for the first time, I feel like I am truly living my life for ME, to make myself proud, to be my own damn hero, no longer seeking outside myself for approval or self-worth. No longer living for other people’s expectations of me.

In doing so I have come to feel truly accepted for who I am as ME, not only by myself but also all the other beautiful people I surround myself with. I am no longer hiding parts of me, and you can take it or leave it.

The journey home to myself has not been an easy one, but I can assure you it has been the best one I have ever taken. 

I think to some degree, we all have what I like to call ‘fairytale syndrome’. We all want that fairytale life, that happy ending, but what we often forget to recognize is that before the princess gets her happy ending the Universe f*cking tests the sh*t out of her. 

So I am grateful for my struggles, my wounds, and my scars. They have cracked me open and allowed light to shine on my darkness for me to grow. I would not be where I am today without all the lessons I learned from my struggles.

And while I am not yet where I want to be (far from it actually), I can still recognize just how FAR I have come and realize that this is not a happy ending, but a happy beginning. 

It’s so damn beautiful how much we can accomplish when we persevere through the bad, surrender, trust the process, and open ourselves up to receive.

Remember, what you have now is what you once wished for. Every lesson you have learned, and struggle you have experienced as lead you here. You are stronger than you think. 

Take this moment to reflect back on your life and recognize just how far you have come. Acknowledge your progress. It is BEAUTIFUL. Make sure you are not so focused on the outcome that you forget to enjoy the ride. 

‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’
- Ferris Bueller


You do not fit in a box —

October 30th 2018

You do not fit in a box.

Your dreams are too big to be contained, nor should they be.

We spend so much time trying to put ourselves into a box that society has deemed appropriate for us, that society has defined as success for us. And I’m calling it —

Enough is enough.

You do not fit in a box.

You do not have to live your life for someone else’s expectations of you.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

If you’re looking for permission, this is it.

Whatever you’ve been waiting for — stop waiting.

This is the moment where you can choose to go be whoever you want to be. Create whatever you want to create. This is the moment you can change the entire trajectory of your life.

Give yourself permission to live your life for YOU.

Redefine what success means to YOU.

If you feel like you are walking through your life in a hazey nightmare of mediocrity and you are f*cking sick of it. Here is your wake-up call.

It’s time to WAKE THE F*CK UP and embrace your life, yourself, and your dreams.

Are you struggling to find your direction, and gain clarity on your soul’s purpose? Ready to embody confidence, express yourself authentically, and take empowered action in the pursuit of your dreams?

**Now accepting 4 beautiful souls into my Soul Activation 1:1 coaching space where we’ll dive deep to activate the warrior woman within, so you can rediscover who you are & truly come home to yourself. DM me the word "WARRIOR" and let's chat.

Sending you love, light, & empowerment 💞✨⚡️



October 26th 2018

A few weeks ago a friend and I got to talking about fears and growth. And how everytime you’re about to have a massive shift or up-level in your life your ego steps in and is like “Hiiiiiii remember me?!” And that is honestly just a huge part of GROWING.

And here’s the question that came up, do we ever truly OVERCOME our fears?

Fear is placed in us to protect us. It’s our egos way of letting us know that it’s feeling uncomfortable AF and it’s time to GTFO.

So, do we ever truly overcome our fears? Sure we face off with them and move through them, and we evolve every time we do.

But here’s the thing — OUR FEARS ARE NOT LINEAR.

Every time we up-level and evolve we are faced with the SAME FEAR over and over again. It might wear a different mask, but essentially it all boils down to the same old fear, the same old limiting belief, and stories we tell ourselves.

BUT as we continue to evolve, we become more equipped at dealing with it. More equipped to recognize it for what it really is. To acknowledge it and embrace it, rather than to let it tower over us and intimidate us.

As we continue to evolve and up-level, our fears resurface to check-in with us, to make sure we REALLY want to do this. Its intention is not to harm you, but to protect you.

So each time you are faced with your fears, acknowledge it, thank it, and let it know that you are SAFE, that you don’t need it to protect you.

Because the thing is -- your brain doesn’t know the difference between being chased by a lion or being afraid of going LIVE on your Facebook, or having a courageous conversation with your partner, or standing up for yourself at work.

So you have to let it know, that there’s no real danger here and that you got this!

Do you struggle with being deflated by your fears? Feeling ready to make a big change, and then getting in your head about all the reasons you should just leave it well enough alone?

Maybe you think you aren’t worthy or aren’t good enough, maybe you doubt your capabilities. It’s ok -- you aren’t alone in having these thoughts. But it’s time to let those fears know that you know what’s best for YOU, thank them and let them be on their way.

If you’re ready to embrace your shadowed self, acknowledge your fears and move THROUGH them >> comment I’M READY! And I’ll reach out to you 💗

You’ve got this babe — you’re stronger than you think.

PS. Join me in The Light Warrior Tribe for more juicy goodness on topics like this.


the Dreaded comparison loop
and what to do about it —

October 23rd 2018

Do you ever find yourself stuck in the comparison loop? Dreading going on FB or IG because every time you do it feels like a reminder that you’re not where you want to be in life. And that everyone else seems to be living out their dreams. ME TOO.

It’s ok, we’re all guilty of it.

I recently caught myself in the comparison loop and went down the rabbit hole of “I’m not as good as so-and-so” and “who am I to think I can do this?”.

And you know what I got from being stuck in this loop? NOTHING, aside from feeling like shit about myself. I spent a few days feeling like this, knowing I was only sabotaging myself, but struggling to pull myself out of the loop.

Comparison is the THIEF of joy >> Seriously.

It’s so easy for us to play the game of comparison these days, it’s right there at the touch of a button. Sitting in your pocket. Or under your pillow. It’s with you ALL the time.

But here’s the thing. YOU ARE WHOLE JUST AS YOU ARE. Everything you are looking for is inside of you already.

AND -- when you are comparing yourself to someone else in your life, or online. Ask yourself this -- do you REALLY know what their life is like? Do you know the struggles they face? What you see of their life is (a) what they let you see, and (b) your own perception of how ‘perfect’ their life is, or how much ‘better’ you perceive them to be than you.

It is simply a STORY you are telling yourself about their life, and about your own. It is NOT real.

What we PERCEIVE of people’s lives and what they’re actually like are two very different things. One is reality, the other is just a story that we tell ourselves.

So, the next time you find yourself on the comparison loop, tune into YOU. Ask yourself what is really coming up for me here?

What is it that you THINK you are seeing in someone else, or their life that is triggering you? WHY is it triggering you? How does that make you feel?

Because the reality is, that you need to face off with your own shit. Whatever that is. And let me tell you, it ain’t easy to realize it’s honestly just YOU standing in your own way. BUT there is a way to overcome it, to get to the root of it.

Comparing yourself to others is easy. Facing off with your shit as to WHY you are comparing yourself to others, and what that REALLY means is f*cking hard tbh. Observing your fears, limiting beliefs, and the shame you feel reflected back at you when you’re in comparison mode is hard, BUT, it’s an amazing opportunity for growth.

An opportunity to look inward, to face off with your own fear gremlins and demons. To face your monsters, and run WITH them instead of against them.

An opportunity to practice self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

Don’t let comparison steal your joy.

If this is resonating with you, and you’re a badass woman who’s ready to FACE OFF with her shit >> Join me and the other beautiful, badass, warrior women in The Light Warrior Tribe

Sending you all light + love


The reality of perfectionism — newsflash *It’s not pretty*

October 16th 2018

I have always been praised for being a perfectionist and being one is often seen as an asset. However, people often use the term perfectionist when they really mean to praise you for being a hard worker or having an eye for detail.

Being a perfectionist is not pretty. People who are perfectionists often suffer from serious self-doubt and judgment.

It can be completely immobilizing, causing you to freeze up, to feel stuck and stagnant, unable to move forward, make progress, or take real action toward your goals.

Perfectionism is just procrastination with a prettier label on it. It’s a form of self-sabotage, not something we should be praised for.

And your ego (that trickster!) will fool you into thinking that you are taking action and moving toward your goals because it will tell you that those little tweaks you’re continually making to get things ‘just right’, is progress.

NEWSFLASH. It’s not. In fact, it’s preventing you from taking REAL action toward achieving your goals. And it’s keeping you small.

Continually tweaking, fixing, and adjusting everything until it’s ‘just right’ is actually playing into keeping you stuck in your shit. Rather than propelling you forward.

Whatever it is you’re working toward there is always something you could tweak to make things ‘perfect’ to feel ‘ready’.

Being ready is an illusion. You are never going to feel ready.

Being perfect isn’t real, it’s about taking intentional, conscious action and not allowing your ego to convince you otherwise. Recognizing your patterns of perfectionism as self-sabotage will allow you to confront the truth behind the blocks you’re experiencing, giving you the opportunity to face off with them, and elevate you to new levels of growth.

Speaking from my own experience — being a perfectionist is not something I want to be praised for. Showing up for myself and others, yes. Being a hard worker, yes. Doing a good job, yes. But being a perfectionist, no thank you!

By praising someone for being a perfectionist you are enabling them, and giving them permission to stay stuck.

Your words are powerful. Be careful how you use them, with yourself and others.
“The penalty for procrastination is the loss of hopes and dreams.”
Tai Lopez

If you’re a recovering perfectionist or a perfectionist who wants to ditch her self-sabotaging ways slide into my DM’s with ‘I’M NOT PERFECT’ and I’ll reach out to you.

Let’s ditch perfectionism together!


Changing Direction Means you are evolving — not failing

October 14th 2018

For years every time I changed directions in my life, I carried a lot of self-judgment and shame with me. Whether it was changing my major at university, my career path, or where I wanted to live or work.

I redirected my focus so often it became a bit of a running joke in my family, “Rachael is doing something new again”, or “I don’t even know what Rachael is up to these days, she’s always changing her mind.” Cue serious amounts of self-doubt, judgment, and shame.

I felt like a failure, that I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t commit to anything, and that I was a quitter.

I doubted and questioned myself so often during this time. Was I weak? Why couldn’t I just push through it?

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just stick with anything, and why everytime I’d get part way through something I’d hear this whisper telling me something wasn’t right. But what wasn’t right? The whisper never told me that, but I knew in my gut it was right.

And though I felt a lot of embarrassment and shame around my continual change of heart, it never once stopped me from pivoting and redirecting my path. Somehow I knew I just had to grow through the pain, the discomfort, and the unknowing -- to follow my heart and trust my gut.

I know now that it was the whispers of my soul — letting me know that I had learned what I needed to know about myself from that particular path and that it was time to move on and to redirect my focus, because to continue down the path I was on would not be true to my heart, or soul.

I've learned every change in direction is not a failure, it does not mean you aren’t good enough, or you are a quitter, or that you can’t persevere or commit to yourself, it means you are EVOLVING. It means you are committed to your growth, to not staying stagnant, and to your evolution.

If you’re reading this and you’re like DAMN GIRL GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I would love to connect and hear more about where you’re at on your path right now. Hit me up >>HERE<<

Looking forward to connecting with you 💖


I’m Coming Out of My Cage!

October 11th 2018

My spiritual, transformational, personal development junkie cage, that is!

If you love me and want more info on the BIG SHIFTS, I have been making in my life + biz READ ON!👇🏻

I’m stepping into my power and my being as a light leader and Women’s Activation Coach ⚡️, to create a space for women to unearth their soul’s purpose and step into their light by embodying confidence and gaining clarity through inspired, conscious action, so they can truly come home to themselves.

Last year I lost my dad in a tragic motorbike accident and that this was truly a catalyst for me to WAKE THE FUCK UP. Realizing life is fleeting, I gave myself permission to question and explore the person I am, who I really want to show up as in this world, and the impact I want to make.

Those closest to me know I have always had a positive outlook on life, able to see the light in even the darkest of situations, as well as the light in others from a loving and non-judgmental place. This is something that I have put so much work into, and I am ready to share this gift with the world. ✨⚡️

Despite life giving me many reasons to be jaded, I have always been able to remain authentic, raw, and open to growth and opportunity. Drawing on my inner strength and staying true to the core of my being I am so excited to announce and fully step into this next evolution of my life & business.

If you have already unearthed your soul’s purpose, feel filled with love and light for your life, I would LOVE for you to do me a huge favour and LIKE and SHARE my new Facebook business page! 💗✨

I will be offering Soul Activation 1:1 coaching, as well as a 4-month group coaching program — where we will dive deep into limiting beliefs, goals/dreams, all while creating a beautiful community of sisters in shine. You can also join me in my FREE Facebook community if you want more light & love in your life >> The Light Warrior Tribe ⚡️💪🏻

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Looking forward to connecting with you beautiful souls — xo