I’m beyond grateful for you to have made your way here to my corner of the internet. I’m Rachael — I am a multidimensional woman and Intuitive Life Coach.

I believe that we are meant to live a life that sets our Soul on fire and that we all have a unique purpose to fulfil on this planet and in this lifetime.

I was put on this earth to be a magic mirror to inspire women to dive deeper within themselves and unlock their unique purpose and codes to share with the Universe. To guide them on their journey to creating a life of fulfilment and joy by following the nudges of their Soul and living in their full Soul expression.

I believe this is possible by taking inspired action and leaning into trust.

I have personally done this work, and continue to grow and expand so that I may support my clients in multiple dimensions.

In October 2017 after a tragic family loss I woke up and decided I could no longer live based on how I was “supposed” to — life is too short. The glass was shattered and there was no going back.

I chose to follow my joy — my Soul nudges — and it’s been the most beautiful, expansive journey coming home to my Soul-self.

I want to help you get there. To come home to your natural state of being, to your full Soul’s expression.

You deserve this and so much more.

Are you ready to dive in?!