Are you ready to take inspired & aligned action on your dreams?

To embrace the most authentic expression of yourself & truly embody the woman You were born to be?!



Are you ready to get the fuck out of your own way, to step into leading a life of possibility, authenticity & conscious creation?

Does your mind often feel like a cage, closing in on you with your negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs?

Are you stuck in the comparison loop with the amazing women in your life, unsure of how to create your own happiness and success that works FOR you?

Are you sick of falling back into old patterns of self-sabotage, numbing yourself, the comparison loop on social media, and falling into the shame spiral when you aren’t taking action?

Are you ready to stop living a life stuck in scarcity, jealous of what you think everyone else has and you don’t?



Time to get the f*ck out of your own way. To embrace your authentic self, unlock your magic within, and step into your personal power so you can reclaim your vision, and live your life on purpose and for YOU!

You want to break FREE from the old stories you tell yourself, to heal and rewrite a new story of empowerment, fearless authenticity, and inspired action taker.

You want to gain clarity of direction, and alignment with your soul’s purpose, to fully understand and embrace your truth.

You’re ready to shed everything that is keeping you down, to step into the role of conscious creator of your own life.

You know there’s something bigger at play here — calling you forward, but you need support and mentorship to guide you so you can take authentic, aligned action on your goals.

You’re done waiting for the go-ahead, for the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re ready to light that b*tch up yourself.

AWAKENED SOUL is the breakthrough you and your soul
have been yearning for.


Join me on a 4-month journey home to your Soul self — together we’ll work through releasing your fears & limiting beliefs, recovering who you are at a Soul level, reinventing yourself as the empowered AF version of you, and reclaiming your Queenhood through daily ritual and embodiment practices.


Here’s the process I’ve created just for you…

Birthed from the fire of my heart & soul —

Meet yourself where you’re at, allow yourself to truly be aware of who you are currently being in this world, and uncover your underlying why.

This is where the exploration of Self begins.

You’ll then meet your High Self and together you’ll identify your desires, gain clarity on who you truly are at a Soul level, and unearth what activates your Soul’s purpose.

With your High Self alongside you, you’ll unpack, liberate and heal your core wounding, limiting beliefs, fears, old stories, and negative self-talk. Everything that’s been holding you back from taking action on your vision.

Then comes the fun stuff, the reinvention process. We turn your wounds into worthiness. Rewriting your story, your truth, as the empowered version of yourself — with love and authenticity, as the woman you were born to be.

As your empowered, soulful, visionary Self you’ll then reclaim your vision through daily rituals, embodiment and integration practices so that you can create the inspired, soul-driven life you crave and deserve.

Who is this program for?


  • This is for the big visioned babe who is tired of simply existing. Who wants to flourish and conquer, creating a life built on love and desire — living life on purpose.

  • This is for the woman who is ready to follow her Authentic Soul Map and start creating the life of her dreams — with soul.

  • The woman who is tired of living life on everyone else’s terms and is ready to reclaim her vision for HER.

  • The woman who wants fulfillment in all areas of her life, and to share her magical self with the world.

  • This is for the woman who is tired of living in the prison of her own mind, trapped by her limiting beliefs, fears,
    and scarcity mindset. Who is ready to break free, stretch her wings and soar.

THE 4 PILLARS OF embodied goddess:




With me as your guide, you’ll go through the process of meeting yourself where you’re at and gaining a much deeper understanding of Self. With this understanding you’ll then be guided safely to RELEASE any old stories, wounds, limiting beliefs, or fears that you are holding onto that are preventing you from living in alignment with the authentic expression of yourself.

Alongside your High-Self you’ll heal these wounds, and truly RECOVER yourself at a Soul level. By shedding these old stories and beliefs you are allowing your Soul to come through and speak her truth. With acceptance, love, and compassion you’ll move through this process and begin to awaken your inner magic that has been yearning to be realized.

Then comes the fun part! Here’s where you get to bring those desires to the forefront and REINVENT yourself in reflection of your High-Self — as the empowered version of you that takes inspired action on her vision. You’ll dream bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to, and truly step into this high vibration of this version of you who is aligned with all that she desires.

With your empowered story written you’ll then RECLAIM your vision by living in the fullest expression of YOU! You will act, eat, breathe, and think as this High-Self version of you — truly embodying her and bringing her to life. As this version of you, you will confidently step into the role of the conscious creator of your life where you can be, do have, anything your Soul desires.

Living in the most authentic expression of yourself will not only allow you to know the woman you are here to be, but love her fiercely. Embodying your highest self and authentically expressing her will allow you to move forward toward a life of greater alignment, abundance, and joy.



You can create anything you want in this beautiful life — we often just need a little loving nudge, guidance, and support to make it happen. After many years of being the go-to gal for advice from friends, family, and even near strangers, I’ve discovered something I love most in this world is helping women cultivate the relationship with themselves that they never even knew they needed (or dreamed of)!

So that is precisely what I am here to do. I know you’re ready, even if you feel a little unsure, I’ve got you, babe. Let’s reclaim your vision and get to creating that beautiful life you’ve been dreaming of — it all starts with YOU.


you know in your heart you are ready —
your intuition led you here for a reason.


Have questions before hitting ‘apply’—
shoot me an email & let’s chat!