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Hey, I’m Rachael!

Light Warrior &
Women’s transformation Coach


I guide soul searching women who are struggling to find direction, to gain clarity on their soul’s purpose so they can step into their personal power, and embrace the most authentic expression of themselves.

I help the women I work with take ownership of their lives by empowering them to activate the warrior within, get out of their own way and truly come home to themselves. So they can take inspired, conscious action toward their dreams, be in healthy, nourishing relationships, and love themselves fiercely — mind, body, & soul.

I’m a warrior, a dreamer, a mystic, an entrepreneur, and a women’s transformation coach who believes in magic, manifestation, and that we have the power to create whatever the f*ck we want in life.

My soul is set on fire by raising the collective consciousness, shining light on the dark (no sugar coating here), and guiding women to be the most empowered & authentic AF versions of themselves.